I’m of an age that I’ve learned a thing or two so it’s time to pick up writing here again after three years. :)

In the interim, there’s been a food blog, there was a blog on my website encouraging volunteers to tutor and mentor middle schoolers and I wrote a blog about a little garden club I did with some middle schoolers for a few years. There’s also one I started following our daughter’s “bike vs. pick-up truck” accident in 2010 and there are several blogs of travels, mostly to Italy and France, some in the form of e-mails I sent to my daughters and friends posted on a webpage.

I learned to do websites and newsletters for the middle school tutoring/mentoring program I ran for 20+ years. A few years later my sister, who lives in Italy, needed a simple site for an apartment she and her husband purchased in Paris for vacation rentals and I offered to give it a go with my new WordPress skills. I had plenty of nice pics from trips there to add to the professional photos she had commissioned of the interior.

In 2013 we purchased a vacation home in Estes Park, Colorado, so I set up that website and have been blogging a bit and doing some social media to promote it. In 2015, the sister in Italy completed renovations on her husband’s family’s villa between Milan and Lake Lecco/Lake Como to prepare to welcome visitors and she has been kindly allowing me to help with the website, contribute to the blog, write a newsletter and manage Facebook and Instagram.

Over the summer of 2016 I was invited to help with the website, Facebook, Instagram and newsletters for the blackberry farm near Wichita where my daughter and her husband host You-Picks, sell berries and other food, do Farm to Table dinners, host special events and run a Cafe in the summer. (He also has a sawmill and fine woodworking shop there). My “digital marketing internship” at age 61 was wonderful. I had the great pleasure of watching and capturing iPhone images of people gathering over such a fun experience and then posting them to Facebook and Instagram.

So after “practicing” for a few years, and finding I thoroughly enjoy writing, websites, blogs, taking photos, and most of all gathering people together over interesting experiences near and far, I’ve set up an LLC to support businesses or organizations that do that. After four months of trying to come up with a nice catchy name, I gave up and will just call it Jwencel, LLC.

This blog, though, is called Watching God: Notes on Life’s Joys and Challenges because that’s what it’s about. God is a very interesting Person to watch. As I have gotten older, it’s such a relief to be making the transition from freaking out when things don’t go according to plan to saying to myself more often, “Huh. I wonder how that’s going to turn out.” There have been some biggies lately that I’ve really, really wondered about, and am still wondering about as I write this after a recent doctor visit, but I’ve seen a remarkable number of surprising turns of events that in the end turned out to be “good” rather than “my idea”. So the title is still apt and I’ll pick up writing again here about those sorts of things.


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